Character Traits + Evidence, Opinoin (6)

Novel Captain Nobody : Character Traits + Evidence, Opinoin (6)


He always prepares breakfast for his family every morning. He understands that his parents and his famous brother are always busy and occupied. When he notices how busy and distracted Mom is, he volunteers to make breakfast every morning. Whenever Mom needs his help with her misplaced items, Newt will always be there because he cares about his mother. Mother is absent-minded. She depends on Newt to remind her about important events and help her to find her misplaced belongings. Dad is always busy answering the phone so Newt always pours him more coffee and fetch him a pencil. Chris always sleeps in as he is tired from football practice but Newt will always give Chris a daily wake-up call.


This shows that Newt is a loving person. If I were in the same situation, I would be sad if my family is too busy to spend time with me. Without Newt, his family would be in chaos as Mom would always misplace things, Dad would always miss his breakfast and Chris would be late to school. His action has inspired me to be a loving person to my family.

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